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Meet Donna Vittorelli, VMD

Dr. Donna Vittorelli is a 1991 graduate from the University of Pennsylvania

School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Vittorelli grew up in Philadelphia, PA (with

summers spent in Longport, NJ). She attended LaSalle University for her

undergraduate studies and was a member of the field hockey team.

Donna also spent time working at Charlie’s Pizzeria, her family’s business.

She joined Absecon Veterinary Hospital in 1991 after graduating from school,

became part owner in 2007 with Dr. Grossman, and in December of 2015, she

and Dr. Scotland took over the practice as equal partners.

Dr. Vittorelli has special interest in veterinary internal medicine and feline medicine. She is married and has a daughter, a dog, four cats and two tortoises. In her free time, she loves to surf or stand up paddleboard and also enjoys watching science fiction, fantasy and anime with her family.

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