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Our four-legged team of therapy animals now available in efforts to support our community! 


The Full Story

Absecon Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce a new program that brings therapy animals to visit members of our community in various settings. 


Absecon Veterinary Hospital Therapy Animal Team (ATT) will provide therapy animal visits at local hospitals, schools, residential programs, after-school programs, nursing homes, workplace visits, libraries, hospice homes/sites, and community centers and events.

Research provides ground-breaking evidence that animal-assisted interactions can produce multiple benefits for improved human wellbeing. These benefits can be physical and emotional, including decreased pain/anxiety/stress, reduced worry, improved recovery rates, lower blood pressure, improved immune system, increased hope and motivation, and much more!

AVH ATT handlers are all members of the Absecon Veterinary Hospital family. We aim to support our community with our teams of Fear Free Certified handlers and their support animals to share the unconditional love and benefits of the human-animal bond and our therapy animals are here to provide unconditional love and support. Our handler-and-animal teams are dedicated to helping humans in need of the positive attention, kindness, and feeling of fulfillment that only interacting with a loving animal can bring. All of our teams are covered by Pet Partners Comprehensive Liability Insurance.

We invite you to meet our wonderful therapy animals and experience the healing power of the human-animal bond firsthand. Whether you have paws or hands, feathers or fur, our Animal Therapy Team is here to make a difference in your life!

Meet the Team

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