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Meet Dr. Annita Costantini

Dr. Annita Costantini wanted to be a veterinarian from the time she was 5

years old. “A family friend recently told me I came up to them saying, “I am

going to be a vet one day and take care of all your cats.’ ”


After graduating from Clemson University in 2009 with a degree in animal and

veterinary sciences, she went on to Saint George’s University, where she

graduated in 2016, and did clinical rotations at Oregon State University.


The Margate native, a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association

whose professional interests include surgery and dentistry, says she finds its satisfying to help a pet though critical medical situations so they can be nursed back to health and reunited with their family. 


Away from work, she enjoys spending time with her rescue hound Flash, traveling, particularly to the mountains or the beach, and sports, including horseback riding, softball and beach volleyball. She also is a homemade lemoncello maker enthusiast.

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